5+ Week Pregnancy

I was diagnosed with mild pcos in month of June. Cyst 3 cm in left ovary and polyp 1cm in uterus. Fasting insulin 14. Doctor gave me neodipar 500 mg twice a day if i want to another baby. (Has one gril Mashallah se)And called me after 3 months with follow up ultrasound. After 3 months I repeat ultrasound on 9th day of my cycle with normal ovaries and polyp around size of 7.5 mm. That month I conceived Alhumdulillah and went to my gynae ( lmp 23 august 2017). She asked me to continue with neodipar. Now my concern is when I dnt have cyst in ovary then why she asked me to continue neodipar? My next visit to her is around 7 week with ultrasound for fetus heartbeat. She gave me following medinces Q folic Ascard 75 mg once Aldomet 250 mg twice Cyclogst 400 mg once Neodipar 500 mg twice.


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Trust ur doctor n ask the reason as to why she is given these medications.I
do continue neodipar all 9 months of pregnancy.May be ur bp is high thats
why aldomet


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Thank you so much. May ALLAH bless you.

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Can you send me your USG which indicated a polyp and a cyst.
That would make me in a better position to comment.
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