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Dear doctor. My wife age is 32. She is in her 33 week of her pregnancy. Ultrasound shows that her amniotic fluid level is 24. Is it harmful for baby and mother. Doctor suggests that its ok and asked for gtt and

Dr. Rabia Wajid - Gynecologist

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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AFI stands for Amniotic Fluid index. It refers to the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby.
AFI of 24 is on the upper normal limit and its better to rule out Gestational Diabetes Milletus.

Let me know when you are done with it.


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Dear doctor both the tests OGTT and HBA1C results are normal. The baby position is breech. Do you think the AFI level has gone up because of it? And is it normal to have AFI level 24 in 33 week of pregnancy?

2 years ago

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