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Hi ????...i have pain in my back lower and upper back both.. i have one baby girl ..i had a C section...after that i feel my self weak and tired from inside.. i have pain most of the time in my body .. sometimes in my foot... i have taken treatment of a physiotherapist... she said i have inflammation in my back.. and i have tried ultrasonic machine she had for tharapy bt i didnt get any result.. i had alot pain taht i can sleep with muscel relaxing pill .. either i m laying on the bed or sitting or walking my pain didnt stop...because of my back pain itx coming down to my left foot my foot is so painful vains starts hurtng me.. plz tell me what should i do:-( i m fed up now..!


you should consult orthopedic dr.


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You need a thorough assessment from an orthopedic surgeon.
From a gynaecologist ' s point of view make it a point to take Iron, calcium and Vit D on a regular basis


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U need to get your blood reports done to c whether you are suffering from
iron or calcium deficiency or not


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dear, usually when u have C section, muscles especially core muscles remain relaxed. you got weakness in the back. ultrasound is not the only solution in physiotherapy. u should consult any competent physiotherapist. because there are lot of other causes related to back pain. u can call us for free consultation. please call me at 042-32591427, if you need any advise. may be i will suggest you some exercises after listening to your case or you have to come to at least 1 assessment check up
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Thank u so much i will definitely call u ..

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