Beta Hcg For Pregnancy


When should the blood test be done for pregnancy? I'm 8 days late from my periods. How early does beta hcg shows pregnancy??


A blood test for B Hcg can show a pregnancy as early as 2, 3 days before a missed period. As you are 8 days late you can get it done. At 8 days late you can even get a postive on a home pregnancy test


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Got my hcg done. It's giving the value 201.

2 years ago

Dr. Asima Fazal

It is positive for pregnancy. Congratulations and have a happy and healthy 9 months. You can go for an ultrasound at about 6 to 7 weeks from your LMP.

2 years ago

Dr. Asima Fazal

And in case you are concerned you can repeat the B Hcg blood test after 2 days and if the value has doubled, it means your pregnancy is progressing well.

2 years ago

Dr. Shaheena Asif - Gynecologist

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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If u are pregnant it will show in blood hcg


U can do it aftr 2 weeks.
It gvs satsfctry results

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