Blood Pressure

I was 6 month pregnant when I came to know I have high blood pressure, in 8th month I started getting labour pains and I got a c section. My daughter died before birth. After delivery my bp didn't come to normal. I was having aldomet 500 mg after every 6 hours but my bp was yet high. Then I changed my Dr. She gave me norvasc in the morning and avsar at night and inderal 1+1+1 . now its been 4 weeks my bp is normal. Tonight I went to the Dr she is not reducing my Medicine. She asked me to come after a month. Should I take this much medicine for so long


I am sorry for your loss and understand the pain you have gone through . For high BP I would suggest you should now consult a medicine doctor and not a gynecologist. The reason for high BP is not there now and if the BP is now normal I think the dose and medicine could gradually be lowered but please consult a doctor before decreasing or stopping any medicine. A medicine or cardiology doctor can guide you better.