Boil On Vegina Lip


I've been having irritation since got my underlegs waxed, day before yesterday a bumped arrived with pain. I tried squeezing it out powder but pain grew with its size. I searched and found its a boil. Went to emergency they gave ointment and antibiotic. I am starting office Tom and can't even sit or walk. What to do should I squeeze it? But it's really painful. Please help thank you


It is difficult to comment without examining the boil but you should not squeeze it yourself, as it may get even more infected . Continue the antibiotics as given by your doctor and , only a doctor will decide after examination whether it needs an incision to remove the pus or will it heal just by antibiotics and pain killers.



I think no one can answer it without examining so please post pics.maybe it is a blister due to repeated scratch and allergy could be multiple reasons..and before suggesting anything examination Is necessary so u have to take a pic or show physically to doc for further actions


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Please goto emergency og your gynae hosp

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