Hi. I gave birth to twin girls 3 weeks back. They were born at 36 weeks and were kept in incubator for a day where they were fed formula milk with cup n spoon. The paediatrician suggested I breastfeed them I used to feed one twin myself and formula with cup n spoon to other.twin 1 didn't latch for 5 days and I was quite depressed about it but then she started to latch but won't drink the meantime I got frustrated from feeding with spoon n switched to I was pumping,breastfeeding n bottle feeding both the problem is I want to go back to breastfeeding and bottlefeeding and even though twin 1 latches and sucks there's hardly any milk coming. Twin 2 is latching but she starts to pull nipple really hard and now my nipples are really sore and hurt a loI don't have cracked nipples as yet. Plz advice me how to increase breast getting hardly half ounce from both breasts if I pump


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Dr. Asima Fazal Please help


Yes it must be difficult but hopefully with some time when the babies keep sucking , the milk secretion will increase naturally. You may also consult your doctor and she may prescribe some medicines that help in increase milk production. Also take care of your diet, continue eating healthy food and lots of fluids. For sore nipples you may apply some expressed milk. Wishing you all the best.

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