Brown Discharge And Periods Like Cramps

I am a breastfeeding mother of 1.3yrs old baby. I am not having my periods since january(stopped after taking birth control injection).. last time injection was administered seven months back and it was effective for two months.. then i stopped taking injection.havent got my periods back(although its been five months now after stopping injection). Since yesterday i am feeling periods like cramps and today red discharge once and brown discharge. What it could be? Pregnancy or periods? I want to go to dr but what if i get some test and go to the dr with report? Which test would be required


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The effect of injection as you have mentioned was over 5 months ago and perhaps you were not using any contraception. So the spotting could be due to both of them. Get your pregnancy test to confirm


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No i switched to another method of contraception i.e. condom

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