C Section Internal Sticthes Pain After 7 Months


i had c section 7 months ago.but aftr 1.5 month i felt pain in internal stitches again like itching.it increased gradualy and became worst.even baby touch was unbearable.i visited dr when baby was 2.5 months old.she said its not due to any type of weight lifting.this pain related to nerves those were cut during c section she gave me synflex and iron calcium supplement.but that didnt work i took dicloran for 5 days..but now aftr 7 months i have same pain but not severe.i cant press my belly.i wana b painless again..plz help me.whats wrong with me?whats going on with my body.i even cant think about for 2nd baby..i am unable to do household chores due to pain in legs feet and swelling also just for short time standing..


Marham Admin

Dr. Asima Fazal Please help

Dr. Asima Fazal

If the stich line has healed with no discharge most probably the pain is due to irritation of nerves or general weakness.. you may consult a general physician for the pain and swelling as most gynecologist will not consider your problem related to c section as now 7 months have passed. If you have gained weight following your pregnancy and c section try to lose some weight, which would be helpful in relief from pain, also some light exercises like walking for 15 minutes in morning and evening would be helpful. Continue taking the iron , calcium and vitamin supplements.

2 years ago

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