Chances Of Inaccuracy In Pregnancy Scan

My wife was under observation with dr. shazia in city hospital Multan till 26 weeks of pregnancy, on 19th week, dr. shazia referred for anomalies scan, in Multan the most reputed expert is Dr. Talha for anomalies scan, so she had a scan there, everything was normal and dr. has clearly mentioned in the report that (heart, lungs, kidneys and liver) is OK. on 26th week, i have called my wife to London. and on 29th week we went for 1st scan in London, after scan sonographer said left kidney of baby is missing or he can't see it as the baby is too big now on 29th week and all organs are hard to observe. In Pakistan on every visit dr. shazia did scanning and she didn't complaint anything about any organ of baby, Dr. Talha (ultrasound specialist) said all OK. How come in UK the left kidney of the baby is missing? I want to know the chances of inaccuracy for this issue, now sonogrpher referred us to fetal medicine specialist in uk


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Dr. Asima Fazal Please help


Ultrasound report depends on the accuracy of the machine as well as the expertise of the doctor performing the scan. As you mentioned that the anomaly scan was done in Pakistan too by an experienced doctor then ideally it should be believed to be performed correctly but again if a problem is coming in most recent scan it is better to be on safe side and consult fetal medicine to make sure everything is managed accordingly. Also it is not for sure that ultrasound done in London will be performed correctly and will have no mistakes. You can try getting a scan from another center or hospital if possible.


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Thank you very much doctor, we have fetal medicine appointment with the consultant tomorrow (Friday), I will update you once we will have fetal medicine consultant's views.

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