I would like to get dr.Rukhsana Tariq’s precious piece of advice. Back in August 2014, had a spontaneous abortion at week 12, which was quite normal according to doctor, but she said it happens in 80% women. And then in October 2014 was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a laparoscopy immediately the day it was diagnosed. And after 3 months that is in January 2015, was scanned again for the follow up checkup, and again there was found the cyst, doctor then injected some injections once a month for 3 months, don’t know what they are but in those 3 months don’t have menstruation. In April 2015, was scanned again after those injections, and there is no cyst found, but there was a polyp in the uterus so again another surgery for that polyp removal. Then had first child through c-section in January 2016 and second child as well through c-section in August 2017. Now doctor asked me to go for mirena. I would like dr. Rukhsana Tariq to tell about the mirena, is it ok or not?


Marham Admin

Dr. Rukhsana Tariq Please help


Mirena is a hormone releasing intrauterine contraceptive device. If your doctor has suggested you may go for it but personally I am against contraception especially by using intrauterine device. The best option I would suggest is condom.