Contraception After Taking Hepatitis C Treatment


Male patient has clear reports of HCV after taking antiviral combination of ribavirin,sofosbuvir and dacltasavir. Now in this month the female partner of this patient has fertile days between 29th sept to 1st oct. But the 6months period after taking the medicines by the male patients ends on 14th of october. My question is, can they try to conceive in this month? Or they should wait for another one month? As at the time of conception (if they try to get pregnant in this month) , the time period after stopping the antiviral medicines is 5.5months. Ribavirin is teratogenic and embryolytic and has warnings for contraception atleast 6months after its use has stopped. Kindly explain..


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You already know the answer,wait till another few months.


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thank u

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