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I have 3 cysts in my left breast which were founded to be a fluid filled sac. its been two years i have them and they cause pain near my mensural cycle. but its been 3 to 4 days a hard lumps bigger in size and extremely painful and found to me during my mensuration which immovable but its not on the breast wall but its so hard and can easily felt and my breast has become heavy at that point and can be seen I also feel burning sensation in the same left breast which worsen when I use mobile or laptop. so i go for another ultrasound? plus other than shoukat khanum any other hospital offering ultrasound at reasonable price? recommend breast surgeon as well in lahore.


MBBS, FCPS (Obs & Gyn) | Lahore

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Plz consult a breast surgeon .. dr Nadia sits at health bridge hospital
lahore between 5-6pm .. she's very competent


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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If you are in lahore or peshawer
Go to shukat khanum walk in clinic
If u are above 35
Of if your close female relative has breast issues
Get a mammogram done
And go to surgical unit of any big hospital

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