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I em Consulting wid a gynea specialist.. I concieve the baby one yead before thru iui... After thre months.. Due to baby not growing., dnc done nd after 6 months because of medicines use egg size improve to 23. 5 nd this month egg size reduces to 9.. I cant understand my problem.. Dr iz not telling me why my egg size reduces.. Kindly tell me plzz why i happens.


MBBS, MCPS | Karachi

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Some times the overies also get tired of bringing good size ovas,secondly
not all drugs have same effects every cycle.You need to iether ask ur
doctor to re evaluate ur drug n dose or change ur doctor



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Thanku fr yr email..I understand yr problem. U need to get hormones tests
done and need treatment for three to six months..plz arrange a visit to
see me for further evaluation..
Dr Misbah Malik


Wardah Shafique

I got pregnant after 6 months of my marriage then miscarriage happened at 9th week in march 042-32591427, .i went through d&c n my dr says 3 month rest.After my d&c my period cycle is 33 days. Dr asked me to visit her on my 12th day of cycle she did internal ultrasound n said there are no eggs.

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