Endometrosis, Laproscopy Done In Jan 207, Not Conceived Yet


Hi I am 29 years old n have been married for more than 2 years now. During this time I never conceived. Soon after marriage I was diagnosed with bilateral endometrosis cysts in both ovaries. Took alot of medicines but all in vein. Finally had my laproscopy in January 2017. Still there is no conception. I want to ask should I opt for ivf treatment now or I should give it some more time?


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Hi ok so First of all endometriosis is a cause for infertility and in ur
email uve stated that u underwent laparoscopy for that.. I'm not sure for
what the laparoscopic procedure was done.. as the medicines that r usually
prescribed r only for symptomatic control usually not for conception.. u r
29 yrs of age which is still young .. from ur email I don't know if ur
tubes r patent or not and were the cysts removed or not .. so unless I
don't know all these things I can't guide u any further ..


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Yes the tubes were made patent and the cysts were removed during the laparoscopic procedure. But i was told that the cysts can reoccur. This is the main reason why i am concerned that how soon should i opt for ivf. Its already been 4 months to my laparoscopy.
the medicines i used before was Vissane and now I am only using clomid during my cycle.

2 years ago


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Please do not waste any time and go gor ivf
Please do good market research before u start


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Thank you so much for your response. what do u mean by good market research here ?
i am from karachi and considering Australian concept fertility clinic and Dr. Zaryab Sethna for it.

2 years ago


Madiha Kasbati

How was your experience with dr zaryab sethna? Was the laparoscopy a better choice for you? We're u able to conceive?

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