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I am 8 to 9 weeks pregnant (counting by date of last exposure). I m anxiety prone n being pregnant has made me even worse. I fret about littlest of things, have stopped using all sorts of cosmetics/ lotions after learning of pregnancy to avoid harming the baby, keep googling ingredients to ensure safety during pregnancy etc. Last night, there was a small incident at our home. My husband was opening up a faulty battery pack(with Lipo battery). It started giving off a v bad smell n started bulging. I smelt it up close for about a few seconds n quickly got away. He disposed off the battery v quickly. There was a slight smell still in the room when I entered but it quickly diffused away. There's no smell now n i hv no symptoms but I'm worried i hv harmed the baby by smelling the battery up close (I sniffed it literally). I also did not thibk about washing my face n hands immediately after smelling the battery, what if there were chemicals still on me. Should i see a doctor?


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Smelling the chemical won't harm the baby . You should see a gynecologist for detailed check up.

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