Facing A Delay In Periods


I have a regular cycle of periods of 28 days usually i get my periods 4 days before the last date. Iam married and have a daughter we are not planning other child as she is 2.5 we usually use pull out method during intercourse there no chance of mistake, last month expected date was 28 according to 4 days before thing as I had my last periods on 1st of July having severe pain in.my legs as I have in periods n continuous discharge too but periods are not there what should i do please help shall I wait till 1st can there be a possibility of pregnancy and there is a feeling of slight cramp in abdomen too


You may wait till 1st August and then do a home pregnancy test. Sometimes even wih precautions there is a possibility of conceiving. And also there is normal variation of the cycle and a delay of 2 or 3 days is normal too.


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1 year ago

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