Hi, I want to inquire about the best treatment option available for uterus fibroida. My wife has a large subserosal fibroid measuring 11.3*10.1 at left lateral fundal uterine wall and another subserosal fibroid measuring 2.3*1.3 cm at anterior mid uterine wall. She has just delivered our baby a month ago. Both of these fibroids have caused her an extremely painful pregnancy and she has been completely restricted to bed. Even after the delivery, she continues to feel so much pain and her abdomen is very hard. The fibroid can be clearly felt by touching the abdomen and now it is like a big bulging mass in the abdomen. Previously, we came to know about the pregnancy and the fibroid at the same time so nothing could be done. According to the doctor, the removal of the fibroid can harm uterus so we should consider completing our family first,


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These are large fibroids plus they are symptomatic hampering life quality. Needs to be removed by an expert and won't cause problem regarding fertility. However medical treatment may be tried if not already taken.


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The size of the fibroids r very big and they will keep causing her pain and discomfort unless they r removed .. myomectomy is good option for her but obviously it has its risks .. maybe consult a good experienced gynaecologist for the surgery and take the chance .. because when she gets pregnant again it’ll be a problem again