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I'm her or a visit, will be back to pak in mid of August. I'm expecting as well, it's my 5th week of 3rd pregnancy. I'm not having any medical issues except that I'm on Thyoxin. My question is: do I need to visit a doc for some supplements or duphaston kinda medicines or should I leave it and get myself checked with my own gynea in Lahore, in mid August? I don't have medical insurance here so private doctors r insanely expensive for me. Currently I'm just taking folic acid along with thyroxin.


If you don't have any issues I think you don't need to visit a doctor. Do you have any history of miscarriages? If no and if you are not having any spotting you don't need duphaston. Continue thyroxine and folic acid and by 8 weeks you may start having the symptoms of mornings sickness with vomiting and nausea, which in one way will be an indication that your pregnancy is progressing fine.
Wishing you good luck with your pregnancy and the vacation.


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Ok, thanx a lot.

2 years ago

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