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I delivered my third baby in my seventh month, I had PPROM, it was a complicated pregnancy, I had spotting in my third month that continued for two months(reason was placental hanermerohage but ut resolved on its own),than my water broke in 6 month, and I delivered a baby boy at the very starting of seventh month that unfortunetely didnt survived, he passed away after a stay of four days in nursery, my first two pregnancies were absolutely normal, my main question is how long should I wait for conceiving again, and shall I be at a high risk of prom in my next pregnancy as well?


Atleast a year you must wait to risk for next pregnancy but not so high with single pregnancy with time early evaluation for infections during pregnancy is recommended


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Yes dear .. giv urself a break and use a reliable contraception.. if
feasible u can visit me so that i can guide u abt complete history & exam


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You should do some tests
Blood sugar gtt
Pelvic ultrasound scan
Then see
A good gynaecologist