GIT Completely Distribution

Sir I have admitted in ganye B ward list day the doctor done my surgery after that I have not eaten any thing I have lost my hangr and I completely start vomiting plz any one can help me I have small kid gany ward B bad no 11


Thank you for questioning. I am not able to comprehend the terms you have used. I would be happy to answer it if you can tell us more about your disease or surgery you have undergone.



The advice seeker replied via email. Here is the reply :
Sir I belonging very backward area I have done I lot of test like ultrasound, degitals x-ry and many more
But the doctor come and just chek the record and not tel about the correct reason know thy again says go to opreiton what can I do I,am not sure if thy not know about the diseases then told me I Chang my pline to other hospital
I have problems of my palvic (rasuli) problem after operations that say you have in intestinal tuberculosis

1 year ago