I m married 27 years old, i have 2 kidz, my 2nd baby boy is 1,1/2 years old now... I m not feeding him breast milk from last 4 months bcz it was dropped just 3,4 drops if he suck it, but after 4 months of not feeding him my breast milk is still coming if i press or pinch it, and may be thats y my periods are also not going regular from last 4 months.. My doctor suggests me a tablet with which my breast feed will dry and my periods will regular, but i lost the mdcn name now... Kindly suggest me some mdcn to solve my breastfeeding problem and periods problems 2nd thing is i have some iching elergy in my outer vigina...from last 15 days, suggest something for this too


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You can try Tab Parlodel one tablet twice daily for 14 days for the breastfeeding problems

The periods will become regular once the lactation is stopped

For itching , you.may try some local & oral antifungal prep.



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Your message is much appreciated.
The medicine you should be using is tablet parlodel ,twice a day for one
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