Hello Team Marham, I am 26 years old unmarried female patient. I seek help from a lady doctor on the forum. Actually I have been caught up into problem of vaginal discharge which is pale. It is gel like substance. it appears anytime when I get up in the morning, while at work or walking sitting anytime. I, now, am feeling an irritation and burning may be like a wound in my upper vaginal opening for last 3 days. This discharge is often. I have constipation problem as well. I feel unbearable pain in my back, legs and half of left head which goes down in back neck. I have also been observing my feet swelling abnormally for past more than one month. Please advice. Thank you for your patience for listening!


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I think for issues like swelling feet, headache and musculoskeletal problems you better consult a physician.

As far as the vaginal discharge is concerned, try to use cotton panties. Do not use chemicals( Deodorants, talcum powder , ) on your private parts. Try to use Oilatum Bar or Baby Johnson' s soap. Try some oral antifungal prep once. If the issue doesn't resolve go to a gynecologist


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And how about that pale vaginal discharge? you would recommend same remedy for it? as i already use panty fabric you recommended and do not use any chemicals or deodorants or powder

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Your message is much appreciated. You need proper evolution. U r having
vaginal infection. It might be fungal.bacterial or mixed.plz visit me as
soon s possible so tgat I can help you.