HCG Level Query

Hello. My cycle ranges from 35-42 days. Last month I had spotting on cycle day 38 (20 October) and bleeding started on cycle day 41 (23 October). This month I took a home pregnancy test on 29 November which came positive. I did a beta HCG same day which was 29.6. I don't have PCOS and haven't had any spotting even this month. Please tell me if this is a low value? Also should I do a follow up HCG and go to doctor? Lastly if I visit doctor asap will the doctor send me back and wait?


Marham Admin

Dr. Asima Fazal Please help


Although the Hcg level is low it is positive and you can get a follow up Hcg after 2 days which should be doubled
One more thing you can do is to wait and get an ultrasound around 6 to 8 weeks to make sure that there is a heart beat and to confirm pregnancy. Wishing you all the best.