Headaches During Ovulation


I have headache problem during my ovulation days though i have migraine issue from 15 years but from last 4 cycles of my periods i get full headache and then it turns into migraine especially on 13 14 15 16 days of cycle Am married since 11 months want to get pregnant but still nothing has happened Please guide me what should i do i want to get rid of headaches and want to get pragnent as soon as possible My gyni gave me lezra 2.2.5mg for 5 days 2 tablets and on 14th day i had ultrasound ond 17mm folical was see had ivf 1 but i got my periods on exact date again she said to repaet tablets and on 9th CT folinis and on 10th she gave me folinis and on 13th day i had ivf c and now my due date is 21 Husbnd semen analysis test was done it was fine. Help me what can i do if am not getting pragnent do i need to repeat his tests....i did not have any hormonal tests yet.



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Thanks for yr email.
Pls lemme know u have got periods or not so that i can guide u.
Dr Misbah Malik.
Iqra medical complex.
Johar town Lahore.


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Yes doctr yesterday my periods started and my doctr now has put me on clomid 3 per day
Thank you

2 years ago


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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You need to continue the fertility treatment for one more cycle bfore we can move to the next step.

As for the headache they are usually caused by the Ovulation induction drugs such as Clomid.
You may try taking 2 tablets of Panadol thrice daily when u have severe headches


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thank you doctr for your kind and helping advice
my headache is such a problem pandol do nothing to it. i used to take triptan 2.5mg but now my gyni stopped it.
should my husbnd repeat his test???

1 year ago


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and this headache issue started before the treatment

1 year ago

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