24 yr old unmaried,prblm of hirsutism.periods r nrml.wt 63kg (healthy). S.testostiron 40 (8-48), s.insulin 14(2-25), s.shbg 43(26-110), s.free androgen index 3.20(0.5-6.8). U/s: 8-9 folicls, endomtrial thick wal (on 6 day of periods).. Rule out pcos?? Any treatmnt plz??


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Hi is ur main concern hirsutism? Need to know ur height to calculate ur BMI
to see if refusing weight will improve ur condition.. to confirm pcos the
levels of LH , FSH and serum prolactin r also required preferably on the
2nd day of cycle


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Yes my main concern is hirsutism..
Bt my grandmother (dadi) has same complain of hirsutism.
My height is 5.2

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