I'm Not Sure If I'm Pregnant

hi there, i've been feeling vibration kinda feeling in my vaginal area for 15,20 days. in beginning it was proper vibration . but now,,it's like pin and needles like sensation in me vagina.my periods haven't arrived yet.my due date is 31st.and it's 2nd today. and my periods are on time usually.my periods haven't arrived yet.but, periods pain has started from the day 31st,and diarrhea aswell.so my question is,,is it possible, that u r pregnant and yet have period pains at the time of ur due period date in early pregnancy ?


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Yes that is normal to have period like pain on your expected date in the early pregnancy.

The vibration like sensations in the vagina may also be due to impending periods/ early pregnancy.

You may get serum B HCG to sort out the matter.


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thank u so much doctor for ur kind response :) inshallah i'll do my pregnancy test tomorrow morning. i hope, there is positive result inshallah

1 year ago