9 years of married life. we lived together but we do not have kids still. after long treatment and induction there is no any outcome she has being suffering from PCOS, HYPOTHYRIOD and now DAIBETIC HER H a b1 is 6.5. what should we do now to have achild one thing more her hsg reports shows that left tube is blocked and bicournate uterus.


I am sorry about your struggle with infertility. I would suggest that you should consult an infertility specialist and if you can afford give a trial of Ivf treatment. Wishing you all the best


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thank you doctor !

can you please advice where IVF is available at low cost. its very expensive cant pay lots of money. thanking you in anticipation.

11 months ago


I need to see all the reports and treatments you and your wife has taken and after we can see what further can be offered
Thank you