Aslamoaliqum I am having regular cycles, ovulation positive on strip every month. 1.5 year of ttc, had hormones test done in december, high prolactin was identified. Normal fsh lh progesterone on day 21 (35) testosterone and estrodil. Took bromo for one month had very good flow of periods that month, otherwise its light flow for 5 days, stoped taking bromo as had to came uk again. In march i had spoting straight away for 14 days before periods than this month again spoting before periods, and i am lactating from 2 months as well. But still regular periods 28-30 days cycle. I wana ask that is this prolactin which is preventing me to get pregnant? I have contacted my GP here but its very very dificult to get apt of gynae or endo before 2 months. Really depressd at this point that wanna kill my self sometimes its jst severe depressive phase. I have heard vit6 help alot in regulating hormones should i take that??

Dr. Shaheena Asif - Gynecologist

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Probably its the high prolactin
But also get diagnostic laparoscopy done

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