My age is 25years and weight is's been 2 years I m trying to conceive but failed.. tried medicines and all but nothing.. did iui two times took heavy injections.. problem is my follicles (eggs) doesn't mature.. size of egg is too small which is not good for conception. Plz give me suggestion what to do I mean next step


I am sorry to know about your struggle with infertility. Yes sometimes it is difficult when the follicles don't mature and there is no response to medicines and I can understand it must be difficult for you to decide the further step after 2 failed IUIs. I would suggest that you see an infertility specialist rather than a regular gynecologists as the specialist have more experience in the field. And if you can show me the ultrasound report with the size of follicles I may get some idea of your situation. Also I would like to mention that sometimes even with no issue couples face difficulty in conceiving and at other times miracles also happen, so please don't lose hope and trust Allah and continue with the treatment and the prayers.

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