Hi,I want to ask about my problem as I have very small uterus size and i was a premature child by birth born in 7 month and didn't had periods ever in my life ,I had consult to Dr.Shaheen Zafar in 2011 and she told me this problem isn't treatable and don't make your mind to get married so I have become totally hopeless now after 6 years I had done my pelvis ultrasound again and hormones profile ,my Thyroid and prolactin is in normal range but FSH is 66(was 132) and LH is 18(was 123),uterus size was 3.6cm now its 3.9cm.


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Dr. Asima Fazal


Although your FSH, LH and uterus size have improved but still they are not normal and unfortunately there is no hope of conceiving. As you mentioned you never had periods in your life , have you ever been given hormonal treatment for this. And what diagnosis has been given to you.

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