AoA respected doctors and marham team I am taking clomid from my 2nd day of periods till 6th day three times a day... my period last till 5days... i take bath on 6th day and offer prayer so if we have an intercourse can it will effect the treatment of clomid. Its my 4th cycle of taking clomid and i also want to know if i skip the clmoid for my next 3 cycles i want to take rest from this medication can it will effect the conceving process.. as i had a d & c in may 2017 and in august 2017 i start taking clomid. Plzzz suggest me. Thanks in advance

Dr. Afshan Aziz - Gynecologist


AOA dear,
I could not get your question completely. Clomid, is a medicine which help in growing eggs so they grow big and ovulate(release) and meet with sperms (conception).
You take Clomid on 1st or 2nd day of periods for few days , than periods end, you can do intercouse any day you want but as we expect ovulation chances between day 10-24 maximum, so we stress on these days , don't miss them. Do intercourse on alternate days or daily.
You can do intercouse before and after these days. But daily intercourse little bit effect on sperm quality.
If you are really tired of these medicine, you can take break. If your all tests are normal, you can try natural, follow same, avail your ovulation days. Doctors normally try six cycles at a time to increase chances of fertility.
Make lots of pray for yourself and destress everyday.

Dr. Afshan Aziz
Dr. Afshan Aziz - Gynecologist

MD,MBBS, MCPS, FCPS | Lahore | Book Appointment

You are only 22 years, take a break for sure. And try naturally.

2 years ago


Clomid is drug given for ovulation induction in those case where women having cycles without ovulation or where she is unable to conceive after one year of intercourse
for super ovulation (to develop more than one EGGs) . This treatment is followed by ULTRA SOUND tracking of follicle so that we can switch to other drug if Egg do not develop, otherwise if she develops Follicle of >16mm she will be guided for hCG inj and intercourse. Routinely Intercourse on 6th day of cycle is no problem. I would advise you to take Clomid under supervision of gynecologist . You are only 22 years so taking rest from Treatment is no problem

Dr. Shaheena Asif - Gynecologist

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Yes you can stop medication
And take rest
It wont effect your natural fertility

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