Itching In Viginal Area

I am facing itching in my viginal area since last ramzan. No burning in urination. No pain no bleeding nothing.. just itching and when i scratch it i got some whitish thing on my trouser. I have visited a doc for this . She gave me "vagisaf" lotion and trivocart cream to use. And these both are very effectve. But i often face this issue. There is no specfic situation k srf periods k aas pas ho or something.. kabhi b hojati hai.. i use above mentioned cream and it dissapear with in 4 to 5 hours. I just want to get rid of permenantly.. i dont want to visit a doctor for this . They definately want to se it and this is very difficult for me .. as it little inner area.. its on my periods hole.. kabhi 1 week maj. 2 baar hojati hai kabhi 2 weeks b sukoon se guzar jaty haim..plz tell me any effective remedy jssy ye maamla permenantly solve hojye and how could i take care of my this area. One thing more as my skin is so sensitve so i dont use under wear for daily


it seems you have fungal infection which is a very common problem and is treated with the help of antifungal vaginal creams or pessary. it is important that you visit your doctor who after examination can decide the best treatment for you. there are also some medicine available that can be taken by mouth but with out examination it is not good to prescribe online. Also if you are having yhis problem repeatedly get a blood sugar test done to rule out diabetes