Light Periods, Dark Blood

Hi, I am 27 yr old female, married for one year. I have been experiencing lighter periods (which last 1-2 days with very light flow) than every previous month for 2 months in a row. This month I have dark blood with foul smell on the first day of periods. I also had milky discharge during nipple test and massive hairfall during last 8 weeks. I have not done pregnancy test yet. I would be thankful for prompt response as I have not booked appointment with gynaecologist yet. Should I visit doctor urgently?


Do a home pregnancy test and you may need some blood tests and ultrasound pelvis as the pattern of periods you described is not normal so please visit your gynecologist.


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Okay. Thankyou v much doctor.

1 year ago

Dr. Asima Fazal


1 year ago