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My sister and brother in law are trying for a baby been three years...sister has a uterine fibroid and brother in law is 42 years old and got diagnosed with 10% linear rapid progression...her dr said she has really healthy follicles she can conceive and fibroid isn't an issue but they are wondering is they can have a baby with 10% rapid linear progression and if that can be treated in a few months instead of ivf?


They can first try IUI , as it is helpful in cases where there is problem in sperm motility. Also her husband should stop smoking if he is a smoker, try to eat healthy, avoiding junk foods and make a routine of regular exercise. He shoild also take multivitamin supplements. Sometimes lifestyle changes do help in improving the sperm quality and motility.



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Thanks for your email.
As husband is 42 years old with decreased sperm progression...i wint
suggest u to think about easy or short cut.Please arrange a visit to me so
that i can guide u more.
Best wishes.
Dr Misbah Malik.
Iqra medical complex.
Johar town.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Both husband and wife should adopt healthy life style measures.
IUI is a very valid option for which they can go to any IVF centre.

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