Low Milk Supply

Hi! Im a mother of 5 month old baby girl. She was exclusively on breastfeed. From the past 5 6 days i couldnt feed her due to some reasons so i had to give her top feed. Now i want to switch her back to breastfeeding.bt the problem is im not producing enough milk now. My milk flow is very low. It seems as if my breasts are empty. Pls help me how to increase my milk flow. I have tried pumping aswell it dint help.


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U need to drink a lot of fluids and keep trying .. the milk production does start reducing after a few months and especially since u didn’t feed ur child for a week the production reduced .. if u keep trying it will come back because stimulation increases the production of the milk ..


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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The only way is to keep trying for breast
Dont give top feed