Lungs Maturity At 37 Th Weeks Pregnancy


I am 36 wèeks 6 days pregnant ma shaa ALLAH , my doc has asked me to admit in hospital for induction tomorrow , due to low birth weight , other than all things are fine ma shaa ALLAH (no high bp , GD or any other complication ) . According to my last scan the baby weight was 2.2 kg at 36th weeks.I am quite worried if the baby is fully developed by this time or not ? esp if the lungs have attained full maturity or not by 37th week? Are lung maturity steriods necessary in my case, or the baby will be fine without them tooo ? Kindly tag Dr. Rukhsana , and consider it as urgent query since my induction is due tomorrow. JazakaALLAH


Marham Admin

Dr. Rukhsana Tariq Please help.

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