Mechanal Heart Valve Risk


please tell me do a young girl with mechanical heart valve have a baby?any pregnancy issues related?what are the risk?does heprain injection can overcome it.


Yes she can plan for a pregnancy after evaluation from her cardiologist. If the heart function is good she can conceive and hopefully will have a safe pregnancy but of course she will need extra care and follow up both from her gynecologist and cardiologist. Also heparin could be given if needed.


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every one is saying its high risk pregnenacy.might have birth defects in child or fetal loss or death.?is that true

2 years ago

Dr. Asima Fazal

Yes it will be a high risk pregnancy and will need close monitoring. Also it is true that there are increased chances of misscarige or stillbirth because the mechanical valve causes increased blood clotting which is to be controlled with medicine like heparin. Any imbalance of blood clotting can cause decreased blood supply to the baby leading to its death. So the patient should know all the risks and then plan for a pregnancy.

2 years ago

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