Med To Stop Periods

My mother is going for hajj Masha Allah. She is above 50 so in the condition of near menopause so she has no regular period date. Nw the question is that which medicine should she used to stop the periods in the days of hajj. What is the procedure of taking this med and what is dosage. Kindly recommend me. Me waiting. Thanks in advance


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Tab just- N 5mg three times a day 7 am 3pm 11 pm start it 6 days before
expected date of periods continue it regularly at fixed timings when u
leave it periods start after a week
Patient should not b diabetic n hypertensive if so she should personally go
to doctor


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Start her with Tab Primulut N thrice daily 15 days before leaving for Hajj and keep on taking it till she comes back. If she is diabetic or hypertensive or diabetic talk to her physician first .


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Start tab duphastan twice a day at least five days before periods and stop as she is back