Hey! I want to consult a gynecologist. After being married in January 2017, my menses has been disturbed. They were usually of 5 days(2 days heavy bleeding then gradually less) before marriage. But now they're of only 2-3 days. And for last 3 months they are like no heavy bleeding but very light. They start with dark brown spotting thread like then after 1 or 2 days, menses starts. Me and my husband are trying to conceive for last 5 months. Also, I've bad lower abdomen pain and sometimes stomach ache. But it gets severe sometime not only during menses or before but the whole month. Kindly let me know with any condition that might be related. Thanks

Dr. Afshan Aziz - Gynecologist


AOA, dear

for periods, if you are gaining weight, it could be one of the cause, get your TSH, T3, T4 checked. Also PROLECTIN, FSH and LH on 2nd day of periods.and a TV'S on 12th day of cycle to see the follicles.
for you stomach and abdominal pain, it could be simple can try gaviscon syp before eating.or get your check up by physician to rule out any problem. eat healthy diet and drink lots of water.

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