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I have a small menstrual issue ongoing not sure if i should be worried or not,just need your advise. in ramadan i had spotting for few days and after ramadan on and off i had spotting couple of days but no proper periods but now its been over 3 weeks that i daily have spotting alongwith some clotting a bit during day and esp during night when i am asleep.volume is v less. In ramadan the color was like dark brown n now its like usual bleeding color. These days i frequentl have pain in my knee cap and my foot and hands get swollen often my basic blood tests which were all in normal range except rbc which was slightly low. Vitamin d ,uric acid,thyroid,alt,calcium was also perfectly in normal range.What could be possible reasons for this menstrual problem and what should i do? Ps: i did swimming regularly in ramadan.


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there are certain other questions to be answered.

Are you married
Did you use any menses cessation medication during Ramadan
Did you have similar episodes before ever.
What is your weight like
Any U/S of pelvis etc. etc.

I think you must consult first a Gynecologist and if all is well consult a physician or endocrinologist.



Visit medical specialist wd all ur reports


Irregularities in menses may be due to many reasons
But a check up by gynaecologist is necessary to rule out any big problem
If ultrasound and other tests are normal and gynaecologist says there is no physical cause
Then harmonal imbalance and anxiety are the most probable cause
So stay relax, take exercise regularly and try to release you tension


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Thanks for replies. I have got my hormonal tests and ultra sound and the hormal tests read the only abnormality of prolactin which is 49.2. Ultra sound report reads "small well defined hypo echoic lesian in anyerior wall between uterus and bladder signifying small subserosal uterine fibroid measurint 10x11mm"


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But i was wondering if it has to do anything with frequent swelling of hands and foot

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