Menstrual Problem And Postcoital Bleeding

My problem starts after the oct 2016 when I had a surgical abortion. Before that, I had a very regular 28 days cycle. After that, my cycle got a little delayed every month. From 2 days to about 5, 6 days, I used to get overdue. Then last month ie. in April, I got my period 5 days before which is a rare thing for me. Anyway, the period started with bleeding showing just while urinating. It remained like that through the first day. Then in the night, the regular flow started which went through the whole second day and had completely stopped by the third day. Normally, my cycle lasts about 5 days but this time it was just for two days. Then on 4th or 5th day I had intercourse and noticed a bit of bloody discharge next morning. I thought it could be some left over blood from my period. Now my date is due on 21st and last night when I had intercourse, in the morning again, there was small bloody discharge. Any gynechologist who can suggest anything please? I have no other symptom. No pain.


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Stop all medication
Stop intercourse
For 2 months


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You need an examination in gyne clinic and an ultrasound.It could be a cervical infection or a polyp.