Salaam..I had 2 miscarriages at 9 weeks of pregnancy...due to stopped heart beat and start spotting...my all reports were normal.lh...tsh.fsh..cbc..hepatits B nd C..sickle cell.. nuclear antibody..rubella...thelisemia..etc sb clear hen alhamdulillah...plz guide me k mjy ab Kon sa treatment krwana chahye jis Sy dubara mc na ho?ya pregnancy me es k leay Kon sy injections lgty hen generally?ya mjy koi or test b krwany chahyen?plz help me



Walikumasalam dear.
I understand your frustration,
Recurrent miscarriages are cosective three or more miscarriage, and you are not in this category. There are very good chances that you 'll get a next healthy pregnancy InshaAllaha You already have enough testing to rule out any cause, just have a faith.
From history and test status( hormones), you mentioned, I am not seeing any reason to give you pregnancy support inj.
Hope for the best.

Dr. Rabia Wajid
Dr. Rabia Wajid - Gynecologist

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Dont worry.
As you have comceived twice there are fairly good chances that you will do it again.

You may get the following tests done
Antiphospholipid Antibodies
Lupus Anticoagulant

After getting the results you can consult a gynecologist for detailed Preconceptional counselling.

1 year ago


You didn’t mentioned if theses two miscarriage were one after other or you are having a baby in between
If these are one after others we can start investigations for RFL
You have not done all investigations like Anticardiolopin Antibodies,Lupus (PT ,APTT)
Antithrombin 111 etc
I would advise you to see one Gynecologist with expertise in RFL
Don’t miss to Loprin 75mg with positive pregnancy test


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Thanks doctors for your guidance...I have no kids...Lupus anticoagulant... factor v leydon mutations..von willebrand antigen...ana screen...profile renal...ye SB test b huy hen or sbki reports clear ai hen alhamdulillah.. physically mjy wesy b koi health issue Ni hy...mgr me bht tens hon kahen again mc na ho jy...

1 year ago

Dr. Sohail Ahmad

You have done almost all investigations I would advise you to Do TSH FT4 anti thyroid peroxidase antibodies VDRL also

1 year ago


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