Painful Spots On Thies


I got married before a month I had urine infection due to which I had spots (danay) in my uritus doc give me novidat my infection settle down but my spots didn't it will appear first in Virgina after dat my thies doc give me another course of antibiotics for 1 week augmentun zentac brufeen n kaolin poultice paste but after 3 to 4 days spots again generate on my thies kindly suggest me something for that so I can get rid out of it.


What type of spots are these ???
You need to consult a gynecologist for furthwr workup...


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Danay hain peep walay or size bara hay

3 years ago

Dr. Muhammad Usman

Consult a gynecologist or dermatologist so that these pimples (?) Can be evaluated further !!!
Meanwhile good local hygiene recommemded...

3 years ago

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