Pco And Related Complications

Im 32 yrz old and unmarried...my issues is constant acne and baldness frm scalp area..I went to a gynecologist she did ultrasound n said there are just a few cysts on left ovary . She gave me tests n all came normal..I.e ESTROGEN ,testosterone,lh,n thyroid...all were within normal range..on 3rd day of periods I went for the tests..My period cycle is 28-32 days.n usually 4 days long with moderate bleeding..I never missed a period..so y im facing this constant acne n im really worried abt my hair n im 10 kg over weight too within 3yrz...kindly help me...


This is to tell to all the patients on MARHAM that no medical advice or treatment can be suggested without a complete medical examinition by Dr. Samina Khalid at her clinic.