Hi ...i am.married ..I have pcos issue and husband motility rate is low. One iui and icsi failed. HAVENOT conceived yet. Can you please suggest me tips so that i can overcome these issued and help me enhancing chances of conceiving.As my age factor is not in my favor


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Reduce your weight, try to cut down on wheat based items, take folic acid on daily basis
You may need to take Myo inisotol preparation as well as Metformin. Avoid stress

Aa for your husband ask him to adopt healthy life style measures. He should quit smoking if he ia smoker. He should also avoid tight pants and hot showers. He may visit a Ufologist/ Andrologist.

You have probably undergone IVF / ICSI only once. You may go for them again as the take home baby rate of one cycle of IVF/ ICSI is 30%.


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Thankyou so much for your kind reply. I have been taking neodipar 500mg twice a day since two years. My weight is between 50 to 52kg but have irregular cycle history.

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Baby dont loose hope,keep trying