I had a c section on 16th august (19days ago) My bleeding had stopped a few days back but now i am have got my periods i think as the bleedimg is exctly like periods and so is the pain .. its periods pain for sure My question is that i need to start contraceptive pills.. can i start with it after these periods finish or after 40 days of operation?


no this not your period this your still perperium.after c section sometime bleeding stop n then after few days again started.its due to fall in pregnancy hormones should wait for 42days n if you are breast feeding to.your baby then OCPS not good choice you should take progesteron only pills or progesterone injectable



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Thanx for ur email.
Yes.Plz start medicines at end of 6 weeks.there r othwr methods if
contraception as well.
Dr Misbah Malik.
Iqra medical complex.
Johar town.

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