Question 1 I'm 22 years old and I have my periods 3-4 days late I think it's not a big issue but I mean worried that I have my periods In less quantity and some time it gets stopped at day 4-5 is this OK... And Question 2 after period I get white discharge some time this white discharge is smelly and in more quantity is this may be sign of liquoria or not plz reply me soon .And I have a constipation since my childhood... I have my bowel movement after every 3-4 days


A period lenght of 3 days is considered normal. Regarding the discharge you may have an infection and so please see a gynecologist and she may give you vaginal creams and tablets.
For constipation if you have a routine to pass the stool every 3rd or 4th day since your childhood, and the stool is soft , no need to worry, but if it is a new complain then you need to be evaluated to find the cause.
Eat food with high fiber like fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and walk daily. Start from 15 minutes a day and increase to 30 minutes daily.


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Ans 1 its ok
Ans 2 get a culture and sensitivity test of high vaginal swab which the dr will do

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