Periods Flow And Problem


Is 2 days periods are considered to be normal? What is the reason of uterus enlargement? Can less period flow make it so? And why did pelvic pain with lower backache occurs right after my perio ends? Also i want to ask if female did sex during her periods what is the impact of it on her menses.the pelvic pain ar less bleeding is the result of that intercourse?



periods day vary between 2-7. the enlarged uterus has many reasons, you need to get it checked by doctor. a backache during menstruation is a hormonal effect on back muscles. intercourse during periods is not liked medically and in many religions. better to refrain it or use safe sex. there are more chances of infection due to change in vaginal ph and slight opening of cervix. The cause of your scanty periods cannot be accessed by the brief history you mentioned. Please visit a local doctor.

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