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plz tell me starting of periods before time (one week ago) is it normal???


A cycle anywhere from 21-35 days is considered normal. If you start your periods about a week before the last months date your cycle is approximately 23 days which is normal.
You can keep a calendar of your periods and count the first day of your periods as cycle day 1.


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last date is 24 and now it strt 17 of this month and flow is also disrbing jst first two days it is normal 3rd day totaly stop thn 4 and 5th day littl bit thn cycl over ammi khti h during these days bath na lo or thnda pani na peo k issi wja se ye irregular h

2 years ago

Dr. Asima Fazal

According to your dates your cycle length is 23 days which normal. Also a period of 5 days is normal.
Bath lene se ya thanda pani peene se koi problem nahi hoti so no need to worry.
Just eat a healthy diet, stay physically active and you can take iron and folic acid supplements.

2 years ago


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Some times if it is a one off thing
It is ok
Otherwise do a pelvic ultra sound scan

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